Ways To Determine The Exemplary Workout Tactics

Many times, you would have heard your friends brag about their muscle power, fit-bit challenge, macros, etc. and you go “Blah! What world am I living in? Do these words make any sense to me? “Well, come out of the shock! You are very well living on the planet earth and people are talking about the activities related to the vital requisite of our healthy livelihood called ‘workout’. Workout or exercising can do wonders to anybody’s health, be it physical or mental, when pursued consistently and sincerely. The reason for many recurrent diseases among our younger generations these days is the lack of any physical activity or in simple words ‘exercise’.
Gone are the days, when parents had to haul their children from playgrounds. Computers, I-pads, mobile phones have made our children puppets to them. These days, parents have to literally shove their children to play outside. Sadly, all these have contributed to the increase of harmful disorders like obesity, myopia, diabetes etc. among our children.

General fitness and weight loss goals


If you fall under this category, by following certain generalworkouts, you can easily reach your goal. To begin with, if you are planning to workout, without spending a penny for hitting gyms or buying equipment, simple aerobics types of exercises can suit you. Walking is the ‘best activity’ for everyone, irrespective of their age group.Staircase walking is quite effective in weight reduction, particularly in toning the lower part of the body. But avoid it, if you have a weak knee.

Other aerobics types of exercises like, cycling, swimming, dancing, running, etc. are also very helpful in instigating the weight loss and maintaining the fitness. You can also try any type of calisthenics depending upon your body’s condition. On the other hand ifgyms are your choice, find out the best gyms in your area that matches your budget and convenience. Treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical etc., can help you on your journey towards weight loss and fitness. Opting for a personal trainer is up to your choice. Whatever it is, followit consistently to gain the result.

Muscle power &strength goals

If you are among the ones who go gaga over six-packs and toned arms, then muscle-building exercises and strength trainings are your activity domains. Without hitting gyms, you can realize these by calisthenics like, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, squats, planks, leg-rises etc. Add weights by using the required dumbbells. If you feel gyms motivate you, visit the ones suiting your budget and convenience. As weight-lifting requires you to follow certain cautious instructions, a personal trainer is the ideal choice on this. He/she can guide you on proper workout plans to reach the target. Martial arts are also the perfect choice for mutating your fat into muscle power. Find the best martial arts academy in your area to pursue your goals.

Self-defense and fitness goals

If you want to be fit and at the same time be your own guardian, undoubtedly, ‘Martial Arts’ are the ideal choice.Even if you are a macho human with all those bumpy muscles, without knowing the defending tactics, protecting yourself is, a bit difficult. Many Asians like, Indians, Chinese and the Japanese have practiced traditional martial arts for self-defense since long time. With ‘Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)’ western world has started embracing martial arts, better than the before. The MMAs are more suitable for self-defense has they fall under the ‘hard’ category and their motto is ‘serve an attack with the attack’.
The most popular martial arts for self-defense are,

  • Karate
  • KravMaga
  • Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu
  • Aikido
  • Boxing
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • MMA etc.
Any of these martial arts are suitable for self-defense. Also, all martial arts help you to be fit and disciplined. Martial arts, requires you to follow certain code of ethics. Hence, it’s best when learnt in a martial arts professional academy or training center. Please avoid learning from any you tube videos, to reap its benefits completely.
In conclusion, exercise is the basis for healthy living. Consult with your medical practitioner before following any rigorous workouts. Stop doing exercise if you feel any unbearable pain, because, either it doesn’t suit you or you are doing it in a wrong way.
Lastly, yet, most importantly, control your mouth, yet, don’t starve! No, definitely it’s not any oxymoron. By ‘control your mouth’ means avoiding junk, packaged foods and ‘don’t starve’ suggests you to eat the required quantity of healthy natural food. Without proper eating, exercising proves meaningless
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