Our Services

We are the finest ‘Fitness & Martial Arts Training Center’ offering the premier fitness related services to the young, the old, the men, the women; in short, to the deserving ‘all’, who crave ‘fitness’. Whether you are training for pleasure or purpose, we offer the supreme training programs, ranging from general fitness to self-defending combat practices like martial arts.
We believe that self-defense is the best requisite skill to be taught from young age and hence offer kids’ training programs on martial arts, apart from the adults’ training programs.
If you are a woman and willing to pursue martial arts to self-defend you, our certified martial arts trainers are there to equip you. You can even choose a female trainer, if you believe a female trainer can relate more towards women’s safety and self-defense. Whether you wish to pursue fitness unaccompanied or as a group, as it is ‘motivating’, dither not, we offer both solo and group training services. The maximum participants in our group training programs arelimited to 5, as we believe in rendering unparalleled attention to every participant.
We also train participants for unique events like marathons and walkathons as we believe no activity is ‘simple’. Our instructors employed here are chosen after undergoing rigorous physical and mental activities. So, all the services you receive here are unbiased, irrespective of whomever you choose as your instructor. However, you can choose instructors only for solo programs. The instructors for group activities are decided by the training centers according to their availabilities.
Collectively, following are the services rendered in our training centers.
Under general fitness and strength trainings

Our services include:

  • Solo programs on weekends and weekdays
  • Group programs on weekends and weekdays
  • Walkathons/marathons training programs on weekends
  • Woman instructor training programs for both solo and group programs on weekends. This is only for women participants.
  • Instructor-less activities on all days. You are free to hit our gyms, whenever we are opened and pursue your choice of activity.